AASFE - American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors
College of Journalism, 1117 Journalism Bldg.
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-7111

Phone: (301) 314-2631
Website URL: Available Here
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More than a Half Century of Features Excellence

AASFE started at the American Press Institute, then located at Columbia University. In 1947, 17 Sunday editors (all men) at newspapers ranging from the Williamsport (Pa.) Grit to The New York Times had just finished a two-week seminar. Enjoying their give-and-take, they agreed to meet at API a year later.

Thus was born the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors. The association's early annual meetings alternated between API offices in New York City and various cities around the U.S., where they were hosted by the cities' newspapers. (In 1956, the host-paper practice became the norm.) Membership ceilings kept the meetings small until the '70s, when the AASFE began to grow. Membership has exceeded 200 in the 1990s.


The American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors is an organization of editors from the United States and Canada dedicated to the quality of features in newspapers and the craft of feature writing. AASFE supports its membership with an annual convention, a writing contest, an annual magazine and a Web site.

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