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PROMAX&BDA are the world's foremost organizations working on behalf of those involved in the promotion, marketing, and design of all electronic media. We represent more than 4,200 member companies and individuals in over 60 countries.


PROMAX&BDA members work in television, radio, and digital media. They include senior executives, producers, and designers involved in the creation of advertising, graphics, and marketing materials for their companies. Together they build huge audiences, generate enormous revenue, administer massive budgets, and exert immense cultural influence.


PROMAX&BDA provide the world's leading educative forum for the exchange of information, experience, and ideas in our industry. We're non-profit associations, striving to raise the profile and quality of work produced by our industry, and to educate and inspire those working in it. Our goal is to identify the competitive challenges facing our members and their companies and to target practical ways of meeting them. We aim to reach out to the academic community to identify, encourage, and nurture the future generation of promotion, marketing, and design professionals.


PROMAX&BDA mount annual conferences in the USA, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Latin America, and the UK. They're attended by thousands of delegates who are seeking to identify the latest developments in techniques and technology, determine the future direction of our industry, and connect with other creative minds. Each conference reflects the distinct culture and market of its region. The U.S. conference alone has attracted powerful and influential speakers like Michael Eisner, Ted Turner, Tom Freston, Oprah Winfrey, and Barry Diller. Outstanding creative figures like Maya Angelou, Spike Lee, Peter Max, John Leguizamo, and Sir George Martin have inspired and enthused thousands of attendees. In addition, our prestigious PROMAX&BDA awards are presented in each of these regions. Throughout the world, they're regarded as the highest accolades for creative professionals in our industry.


PROMAX is the world's premier association of promotion and marketing professionals in electronic media - those responsible for building audiences and revenues for their organizations. BDA is the world's leading association of designers involved in all aspects of electronic design for the broadcast, broadband, and multimedia world. PROMAX&BDA are unified in many activities because the work of promoters and designers is often inextricably linked. Together, PROMAX&BDA form a potent and influential alliance of the leading marketing and design professionals in the electronic media world. Remember, knowledge is power... and the power is here.

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